Welcome to Nerja and Rut Montiel Wellness

Improve your wellbeing with Rut Montiel Wellness in Nerja with weekly regular yoga classes, massage, physiotherapy and more.

 Rut Montiel Wellness we want to give you a helping hand in achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit. However small or big your health and wellbeing goals are. We are here to offer expert advice, education, support, and motivation and are open to all age groups, holidaymakers and residents alike.

We offer a variety of health products, yoga classes, oil massage (ayurvedic style), Thai massage, physiotherapy, diet and nutrition advice as well as many alternative workshops to take part in. 

Yoga is unification, it is a path you follow to bring together the body-mind, spirit, and heart. When we practice yoga, body awareness increases and also the ability of the mind to focus. We transcend the body and the mind to the place of being.


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